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Espresso tumbler chunky

Sometimes what you need is simplicity, like these humble espresso tumblers. These cups are thrown with a bit thicker walls, creating a more durable and chunkier looking result. They are rounded towards the bottom which is completely flat, meaning no water will pool and get left after being washed. The outside of the cups are glazed with a matte light beige glaze, and the inside is glazed with a transparent glossy glaze. They have a maximum capacity of around 80ml, comfortably holding a single or a double espresso. Coffee tumblers in the same family are available.

Please note that these cups are handmade and unique, which means they vary slightly in shape and size. See measurements below for an idea of the variation.


  • Height: ≈5,5-6cm
  • Diameter: ≈5,8cm
  • Volume: 80ml