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Tumbler low - Affogato

This cup is one of my personal favorites. Its simple low form combined with the glaze rich in detail creates perfect harmony. It’s a great size for coffee or cappuccino, and is perfect to wrap your hands around when you need some warmth. The bottom is completely flat, which means no water will pool and get left after being washed. The edge of the bottom is beveled to make the piece more durable.  The cup is finished with an interesting patterned glaze with colors ranging from browns and beiges to whites.

Please note that this glaze varies in appearance from product to product, refer to the images for an idea of the spectrum of finishes. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or if you wish to see the product in stock at the moment. 


  • Height: 7,5-8cm
  • Diameter (rim): 9,5-10cm
  • Volume: 270ml