With Bauer Ceramics, I want to share my belief that beautiful objects can make for a more enjoyable everyday life. My goal is to create ceramics that I can imagine living in my own home, that put a silver lining on every moment of the day. Functional ware that sets the mood on the Tuesday morning breakfast or Saturday night dinner, and decorative pieces that take the atmosphere of the room to new heights.

The making of ceramics, as you may know, is very resource-intensive. It uses an array of different raw materials, and requires quite a lot of energy to transform from clay to ceramics. However, how we shop, think of, and use the products is something we have more control of. I believe we should not consume more than we use and need, and I would love for you to think twice before buying something from me.

In my eyes handmade ceramics hold a story and have a soul, which factory made goods just cannot possess. My hope is that you will feel the amount of love and consideration in every item, and make you value it more. Hopefully it will make you hold on to the items you choose to purchase for longer, maybe even pass it on to the next generation.